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Explorer - 丝绒探险家玫瑰

Explorer - 丝绒探险家玫瑰

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  • Explorer rose is an intense red rose that shades off to a darker hue
  • It’s petals transmit true passion and love
  • The elegant opening of its petals make this flower quite unique
  • It can be used in many ways to give floral arrangements the last touch
  • 探索者玫瑰是一种浓郁的红色玫瑰,色调逐渐变深
  • 它的花瓣传递着真正的激情和爱
  • 花瓣优雅地张开,使这朵花非常独特
  • 它可以通过多种方式使用,为插花画上最后的一笔
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